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NUK Starter Cup 230ml, silicone spout, leak-proof, from 6 months

Does a small creature also determine the daily routine at your home? There are products that solve the daily challenges quickly, easily and thoughtfully. For example, the transition from the mother’s breast or the vial to the independent drinking from the cup or glass. To support parents and children in this important learning step, there is the NUK Easy Learning Drinking System.

NUK Starter Cup
The cup with soft silicone spout ensures a gentle farewell to the mother’s breast or the teat – the soft mouthpiece is in its shape already modeled on the edge of the cup, but still feels very soft and familiar.

Sophisticated Details
The leak-proof valve prevents spills and spills. The ergonomic anti-slip handles promote child-friendly motor skills and provide secure grip. Suitable for children over 6 months.

Colorful motifs
The Starter Cup is available in various colors and cheerful designs that provide colorful moments and variety at the family table. The transparent cup is equipped with a practical scale. 

Practical: The NUK Easy Learning Drinking System grows with you! 
The Starter Cup, Trainer Cup, Fun Cup and Magic Cup are based on the same cup body. Depending on age, learning phase and personal preference, each cup can be used with each essay.


NUK Starter Cup – the best start for independent drinking! 


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