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Kid’s Learning the Magic of Crystal

“A scientific kit to create colourful crystals in complete safety. Mix the reagents in the appropriate tray, place everything in the “”cave”” and wait. In a short time your crystals will appear as if by magic! With the illustrated manual, giving life to your crystals will be a breeze.ontents and details Potassium Alum Reagent – “”creacristalli”” tray – 3D Cave – Small cup and scoop – Pebbles – Pasteur pipette – Illustrated manual Product complies with European standard Made in Italy. Article designed and manufactured in Italy in certified factories “


  • Reagent and food Coloring
  • “Cave” structure and string
  • Container and small scoop
  • colored cups
  • Gloves and eye protection
  • Rocks
  • An illustrated manual


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