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NUK Bath thermometer


The classic NUK bath thermometer is safe and easy to use.

It is made of unbreakable, dimensionally stable material and filled with a natural measuring fluid made of pure rapeseed oil which makes using the thermometer particularly safe. Even in case the measuring fluid escapes, for instance, when the capillary breaks, parents do not need to worry.

The clear scaling makes reading the temperature particularly easy. Additionally, NUK’s bath thermometer is duly endorsed with the suitable bathing temperature for babies (37°C).

Using the bath thermometer is extremely simple: In order to get an even temperature, you should always make sure to mix the bath water properly. After that, simply put the thermometer into the water and wait for at least two minutes until reading the temperature. The perfect bathing temperature for babies and toddlers is 37°C.


  • Harmless, natural measuring fluid made of rapeseed oil
  • Break-proof, dimensionally stable material
  • Clear scaling
  • Duly endorsed with optimum bathing temperature for babies (37°C)
  • Printed with colourful, child-appropriate motifs


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