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Nuk Bath Thermometrer Star


The NUK Digital Bath Thermometer is a fun, yet reliable way of measuring your little one’s bath water. The starfish shaped design is fun and attractive in either blue or pink, but extra safe! Measurement results show up on the LCD display and for extra safety the little LED light flashes and the display alternates between the temperature and the words HOT when the bath water is at 39⁰C or higher. The screen will also display the word COLD when below 32⁰C. Recommended bath water temperature is 37⁰C. The thermometer floats in water so you can keep an eye on the temperature whilst bathing your little one.

– Ready to use; lithium battery included
– Temperature range 0-50⁰C
– To switch on the bath thermometer, tap it gently on the palm of your hand or on an object.
– The digital display initially shows room temperature

Do not steam or boil the thermometer to sterilise it, as it may damage the product. Maximum cleaning temperature is 60⁰C. Never open the product except to change the battery. Do not use abrasive or aggressive cleaning products.


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