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NUK Magic 360° 230ml Cup

  • 360° drinking rim
  • Spill-proof due to silicone sealing dish
  • Contoured shape ideal for small hands
  • Easy to handle and clean with only three parts
  • Suitable for kids 8 months+
  • Made In Germany

NUK Magic 360° 250ml Cup 8mths+

The NUK Magic Cup makes the transition from bottle feeding to drinking from a cup easy. The cup includes a innovative 360⁰ spill-proof drinking rim that helps children take the big step towards drinking out of a cup by themselves without the need for a spout, or sippy top and without any mess. The rim is made of silicone and does not allow any spillage as it acts like a sealing disc. The cup has a 250ml capacity which makes it ideal for small hands and thirsty adventurers.

Preperation and Usage:

Clean the NUK Magic Cup thoroughly and sterilise if necessary before using for the first time and before each subsequent use.

Never fill drinking cup with carbonated drinks or drinks that are hot. This can lead to excess pressure that can make the liquid overflow. Before every use, ensure that the silicone sealing disc is tightly sealed to the rim.

To clean the cup, first dismantle it into parts. Press out the silicone sealing disc from underneath. Rinse parts under warm running water or is necessary soak for a short time in warm water. Rinse in clean water and shake off any excess. Leave parts to dry separately. When the parts are completely dry re-assemble. To do this, push the silicone sealing disc firmly back into the rim.

Spill Proof

The NUK Magic cup has a spill-proof 360° drinking rim which helps children take that big step towards drinking out of a cup on their own.


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