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NUK Nature Sense Glass Bottle 240 ml

  • Optimum, calm and natural flow thanks to the fine and variable drink openings which are modelled on a mother’s breast
  • Wide, flexible lip rest with mateial soft tip similar to a mum’s breast
  • Innovative anti-colic valve prevents Luftschlucken
  • Bottle made from high quality durable borosilicate glass, BPA free
  • For children aged 0 to 6 months, S (thin food and breast milk), 120 ml//For Children Aged 0 to 6 months, M (medium-fine perforations for milk diet), 240 ml capacity

NUK nature sense baby bottle
We can not replace – Mother Nature But please don’t hesitate to contact us as a model. We therefore by NUK. There are Mission to the nature, even closer to come and in this way, the new NUK nature sense baby bottle. The Great Thing About This bottle: the world’s finest drink openings of the vacuum cleaner have been frosted channels modelled on a mother’s breast, making it a bottle, with the Baby’s An all around vertrautes feel and above all a natural flow. And that’s what especially is important to us, because with a natural sense bottle feeding helps you make the switching between breast on the chest for bottle feeding easy and lots of fun for you and your little one.
Modelled on a mother’s breast – the teat in the NUK nature sense baby bottle
The teat in the NUK nature sense baby bottle is of a mum’s breast too far away like never before. Especially for mothers that cannot breastfeeding combine breast and bottle feeding, or to straight to your baby to drink from the bottle Umgewöhnen, this water bottle so it is perfect. The extra wide and flexible lip rest your drinking’s to show off your baby naturally and also the latest anti-colic valve allows drinking without Brustähnliches to and thus to air absorbs your baby. The extra soft vacuum cleaners tip that adapts to the nipple to the mouth area Ultra flexible silicone cake pop mould. So your child the leave of the chest definitely fall a lot easier, it’s also very useful for it brings the innovative drinks bottle of NUK a real added value: Now there at night even the Papa Standing Up, The Diet Of Your Nachwuchses in their hand and to give you the a couple of hours Precious Sleeping Ideal as a gift.


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