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NUK Oral Care Set

  • Ideal for the care of the first teeth
  • Dental care fingers with soft bristles
  • Baby toothpaste free of sugar, with natural apple-banana flavor
  • With enzymes to strengthen the defenses in the mouth
  • BPA free 
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NUK oral care kit, consisting of baby toothpaste with natural apple-banana flavor and finger toothbrush, BPA free 

Also the first teeth want to be maintained! And the sooner parents bring their children to daily dental care, the easier it is for the little ones to internalize the ritual. Ideal for this is the NUK oral care set: It consists of a special toothpaste for babies and a finger toothbrush that parents put on their index fingers. With the soft bristles they then stroke the rows of teeth and the gums to clean the teeth or alleviate tooth discomfort.

The new toothpaste is made especially for the care and cleaning of the first teeth:

  • Free from sugar
  • Without fluoride: Also suitable for children receiving fluoride tablets
  • With enzymes that also occur in breast milk and strengthen the natural defenses in the mouth
  • Natural apple-banana taste convinces even small toothbrush skeptics!


The NUK Oral Care Set: A strong team for healthy first teeth. 


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