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Pottery workshop Wheel Include Tools, Clay and Paints

Why not Witness your child’s creativity with a pottery as they craft everything from their own hands? Whether it’s a bowl, cup, mugs, vases, and/or even plates! Complement their crafting and creativity skills. Sculpt their mind to make some creative cool stuff while they’re still young.

This is such an easy and fun way to mould their creative minds. Kids’ will surely love playing with this toy! Great toy for your child to express their creative side, not only making things like cups bowls or even animal figures and much more, but adding their own design with paints provided, why not assist them in their journey to the world of creativity and knowledge!


* On/Off button

* 2 speeds

* Tools and paints included

* Capture the kids’ right brain activity

* Develops kids’ creativeness, patience, and focus


* Condition: Brand New

* For age 3yr+

* Wheel Diameter: Approx. 22cm

* Height: Approx. 6.5cm

* Power Source: 3 x C batteries (NOT included) * Weight: Approx. 1.4kg


1 x 2 Speed Pottery wheel

2 x Bags of Clay

1 x Palette

6 x Paint Pots

2 x Brushes

1 x Decorating Support

2 x Sculpting Tools

1 x Cutting Cord


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LEARN POTTERY BASICS AND ART HISTORY: This pottery kit will teach and inspire! Kit includes illustrated instructions that teach different pottery techniques and the history behind the pottery craft

GIVE THE GIFT OF ART: Give your young artist the best quality art supplies with Faber-Castell products

CREATE A CRAFTY SIDE: The Pottery Wheel from MindWare is a wonderful way to introduce children to incredibly fun and beneficial craft of ceramic making

SAFE FOR KIDS: Pottery wheel contains synthetic clay that contains less bacteria and microbes than organic clay. Non-toxic

For Children Over 8 Years of Age.For Use Under Adult Supervision

Imported from USA

It’s a kind of handmade&educational toys for Children throught the handmade create artworks by themselves.This Can
exercise handmade ability and develop their art cultivation improve their coordinated ability.Let them to find the fun
of DIY and a sense of achievement.This is helpful for children’s healthy development.
This is designed to help teach the basics of pottery and ceramics. With a safety stop feature built in to prevent the
motor from overheating, this is the strongest and most durable pottery wheel available for children. On top of its high
quality, this pottery wheel from MindWare can become a huge benefit for many children. The ability to learn pottery and
ceramics at a young age could incredibly develop a love for a wonderful craft and art form that could last lifetime.
Depending ON the tool can create different shapes of pottery,Quickly to HANDS-ON
Two kinds of different speeds
Battery Installation:Use a cross screwdriver to loosen the screws on the battery cover by the counter-clockwise,Insert
3×1.5V”D” batteries with the correct polarity,replace the battery cover and tighten the screws.(Batterier not included)
Two Power Modes:Transfomer availaboe/Batteries
1.Pottery Wheel
3.Sculpture tools x2
4.Cutting cord with handle
5.Six colrs pigments
6.Paintbursh x2y
7.Clay x2(Total 800g)

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